Visual Design | User Experience Design | Interaction Design | Motion Design

It’s a brave new world in high impact, high definition Television, and we’re unabashedly devoted to delivering the most compelling user interface experience possible. Limited controls—specifically, “five key arrow and select button” TV remotes—significantly handicap the user’s ability to interact. Our complete design systems offer a highly cinematic and contextual user interface, transforming traditional devices into sophisticated, intuitive ones. (Think iPhone and iPad on your TV.)

Our “second screen” designs work within the bounds of tablet and smart phone touch interfaces, while maintaining a strong brand presence and a consistency in user experience across device types. We handle the entire design process. We start with visual design, work through interaction design, and then deliver the final goods with close-knit hardware systems preparation. Each phase informs the next, ensuring a seamless experience. Wearing the various design and technician hats allows us to create complete interactive design systems that can include motion and interactivity studies, not just a set of traditional Photoshop documents that often only tell a partial story.

Design deliverables take into account the required marketing materials required for the various device type “App Stores” and Spotlight pages. Icons, thumbnails, screen shots, and various descriptive texts are developed along with the application design to make sure your app can be quickly published. We can help you explore the myriad contemporary user interface devices—coupled with thoughtful interactive paradigms like gestural and weighted programming—to transform traditional controls into something much more compelling. ‘Nuff said.