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You could say Velope and development go hand-in-hand. We work with many of the contemporary and emerging Connected Television application development frameworks.

Our rap sheet includes live and deployed projects and products based on iPhone, iPad, Android, Adobe Stagecraft and AIR for TV, Yahoo Connected TV SDK, Samsung Smart TV SDK, Vizio Internet Apps, Roku, and Microsoft Mediaroom. (Whew!) And our expertise extends beyond these technologies through prototype development experience with GoogleTV, Boxee, LG TVs, XBOX, Vudu, ICTV, Extend Media, Brightcove, Influxis, Akamai, and Limelight. (Shameless namedroppers we are.) With so many notches in our digital belt, we’re in a unique position to leverage production, development, and deployment techniques that go beyond a single platform’s constraints. This allows for a multi-platform approach to your TV UI development, which is very likely what you need.

See more specifics about our tech chops and project work in the services and projects sections.