Project Description

Velope was lucky enough to receive an RFP from Adobe for a next generation proof of concept connected TV application that would be shown at Adobe Max 2010 and CES January 2011. The purpose was to showcase the capabilities the second generation of Adobe’s technologies for TV, AIR for TV.

This game leveraged many existing web services such as Google Maps and Yelp to create a full screen full motion cinematic experience where the player “Old Codger” flew around a water bomber plane “Old Bessie” to put out fires in real locations in many cities across the globe.

The user couldĀ link their Android based phone and control the game with their phone like a joystick. The phones accelerometer and Adobe’s AIR for Android linked to the game via Adobe’s P2P “Cirrus” technology.

Velope provided services from initial concepts, to graphics design, voice over and sound effects, and game programming on the TV and Android. It was truly a cutting edge experience.