Project Description

Velope and Glamzy are collaborating to increase visibility of the Glamzy product and brand. Glamzy is a fun mobile app that allows women (and men) of all ages to create and share face charts while exploring unlimited combinations of makeup.

Glamzy was brought to life by its president Austin Hunter and has evolved through a feature roadmap that is greatly influenced by its users. Glamzy has three variants: Glamzy (free), Glamzy Pro (paid), and a sister product Make Up Me, where users can draw on a photo of their own face (or others).

Bringing its expertise in product development, Velope will spearhead the creation of a licensable white label version of the application by migrating the Android mobile version of Glamzy to the Google TV platform, as well as creating an HTML5 version for other emerging media devices.

“Google TV and the Android platform provide the foundation for creating apps that can run in many environments. Being able to reuse most of our code from one device to the next just makes everyone’s lives easier.” Rachel McNamara, Senior Architect, “We see it as a perfect opportunity to showcase our strengths and show just how easily the TV space can play nicely with mobile and tablets.”
Michael Gregor, Founder,