Project Description

Vizio VIA TVs now have a rich, fully featured Skype application as part of their application suite. Velope worked closely with Maxim IC, Vizio, the Yahoo Connected team, and various SOC vendors to bring what we believe is one of the most exciting applications to your living room.

Skype is proliferating through today’s embedded devices, eliminating the need for a PC or laptop to connect to just about anyone, anywhere, anytime. It’s the biggest thing to happen to television since video on demand.

Unlike early “feature poor” Skype apps for connected TVs, Skpe on Vizio VIA includes 2-way video

chat, combination audio/video chat, and traditional text message chat. The application UI runs in Adobe Stagecraft (Flash lite AS2) and is supported by other middleware layers including “Skype Kit”.

The level of expertise and number of integrated technologies required to bring Skype to your living room is unprecedented and marks a new era for connected TV applications. Well done, compadres.