Project Description

A major cable company OCTO (office of the CTO) contacted Velope in June 2009 with an offer we could not refuse. A highly accomplished VP had sold an internal proof of concept trial project to those that fund these things and it was on.

Velope was solely responsible for the Stagecraft based AS2 UI framework and WDK (widget developer kit). Our job was not only to create a framework for third parties to develop applications for this operator’s TV universe, but to create 10+ sample apps for a user experience trial.

Our engineers worked closely with the hardware integrators

to create an application platform that could leverage the advantages that a MSO can offer on connected media devices. The challenges here were working with a large consulting firm who’s turnover and general progress had a huge impact on the remaining teams.

Kudos to the other engineering teams of Triple Play Integration and Flashlight engineering, they are “A” players for sure.