TV *is* an app…

Most people didn’t notice when the TV they were watching went from analog to digital. It didn’t matter that the pictures they saw were now reproduced from bits rather than waves. HD, DVR, searchable guides, VOD, and even call waiting just started to filter in. These services and features felt like regulated and standardized additions, […]

The Landscape

Consumer electronics retail stores are one of the things I use to gauge the enormity of the connected media device universe. If Best Buy isn’t selling it, it is definitely in the early adopter phase. On the other hand, sites like or even have a healthy dose of current information on what is […]

TV’s (next) Killer App

Our previous feature stated that Netflix was the current killer app on connected TVs and Blu-Ray players. That point is made clear from the ubiquity of the Netflix app on pretty much every device available. With CE manufacturers playing “retail logo bingo” and consumers making purchase decisions based mostly on co-branding logos, online manufacturer marketing materials, and other consumer reviews, […]

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